The factory warranty is valid with in the USA and from the date of the seller’s invoice date.

The parts included in the factory warranty are electrical and refrigeration cycle parts. Any remote controls included with our units have a 30 day warranty from the date of the invoice. In the case of the front, top and lateral panels, any screws, the factory warranty only applies for 1 year. In the case of a coil leak the factory warranty is only 30 days after installation or 45 days from the seller invoice date. We will not replace any part or compressor unless has been examined by DAIZUKI. If DAIZUKI determines that the parts or the compressor is factory defective, we will replace free of charge. The compressor replaced will carry a warranty for the remaining of the original warranty period. CTS AC SUPPLY is not responsible for any shipping and handling charges. The factory warranty only includes the replacement of the parts and the compressor unless DAIZUKI determines otherwise.

  1. DAIZUKI is not responsible for any labor cost such as removing, servicing or repairing the equipment.
  2. This warranty only apply for the U.S. Market.
  3. All factory warranties will be voided if:

a-      The product is not properly installed and operated.

b-     Defects due to the effects of corrosion.

c-      The units are exposed to sea salt and are installed in a distance less than 300 meters from the seashore.

d-     Preventive maintenance is not performed at least 2 times a year.

e-      Damages caused due to the use of parts other than the original factory authorized parts.

f-       Damages caused due to alterations, modifications or any kind of changes to the original design or functioning.

g-     Damages caused by vandalism, floods, fire, acts of God, and all other events out of CTS AC SUPPLY’s control.

h-     Damages caused due to improper use and abuse, even if it is accidental or intentional, incorrect maintenance, continuous use of the equipment even when partial malfunctioning, the use of contaminated water, incorrect voltage or electric frequency.

i-      Damages caused by the incorrect and improper comprehension of instructions provided by DAIZUKI’s manuals. In particular in reference to the specifications, applications, installations, use, maintenance of the products and equipment.

j-      Damages due to failure to comply with codes, standards, ordinances and specifications of the governmental and industry institutions.


Equipment installation must be performed by a CERTIFIED AIR CONDITIONING TECHNICIAN. Failure to comply will automatically void any warranty on the equipment or product. CTS AC SUPPLY is not responsible for any personal injury or any other damages caused or related to the incorrect installation of the equipment or the installation by a non-certified technician.


In order to honor a factory warranty, the end-user must present the original invoice from the seller. The original invoice must include the model number, the serial number and the date of installation.

Do not sign for a shipped unit until you have thoroughly inspected the products for any damage. Any and all dents should be noted on the delivery receipt. Damaged products should not be accepted. You will receive a new product if you reject a damaged shipment. By signing the delivery receipt, you accept the shipment is in good condition and free from damage. Shipper is not responsible for shipments that are not signed for as damaged upon arrival.

No returns will be accepted for transportation damages to the equipment like dents and broken parts, if CTS AC SUPPLY is not notified within 7 days of receiving the equipment.

No returns will be accepted for start-up failures unless claimed by the installing technician to CTS AC SUPPLY within 30 days from receiving the equipment.


The manufacturer is only responsible to provide factory warranty. The manufacturer will only communicate with the installing technician or a service technician to determine if the product has a factory defect. The seller is fully responsible for the sale and any end-user claims should be done to the seller.


Any electrical parts given to an end user or technician as part of a claim is not subject to warranty.


All product returns are subject to a restocking fee. In the event of a product return all products must return in their original packaging, unopened. When returning a product do not modify any of the original pieces. This includes breaking any plastic, removing copper or otherwise returning the product different from when you received it.


You can fill out the warranty form in www.ctsacsupply.com

The manufacturer warranty registration is valid only if the installing certified technician’s license number is included.

You can send us an e-mail to sales@ctsacsupply.com.

In order to validate a warranty, DAIZUKI holds the right to ask a client to provide a copy of their receipt of purchase.